Morning rituals

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Recently, I was asked to join the lovely folks at Food Bandits for their Morning Rituals series - you can read the full article, along with my recipe for pumpkin spice pancakes, right here.

The word ritual, to me, evokes a sense of something that is sacred and beautiful. At first thought, I must admit, I did not think any such thing existed in my mornings. Of course, upon reflection, I happily proved myself wrong.

I wake early, as the stars twinkle their last, and think certain thoughts in the dark. My first cup of tea for the day is taken alone - the silence and solitude of that time is very important to me.

A favourite tea strainer is pulled from its place on the shelf along with a jar of tea leaves, the scent of which comforts me to no end. I lean against the counter and watch the sky lighten through the kitchen window as the water boils, notice the dew on the grass and the birds on the telephone poles while the tea steeps in my favourite cup.

Each morning I sit in the same spot - curled into one corner of the couch, close to the fire and with a view out the front window to our garden, the footpath and the park just beyond. At first the park is filled with fog and kangaroos until slowly both disperse, making way for sunlight, autumn leaves and a troupe of neighbourhood dogs leading their owners to and fro. We all have our own little rituals, don't we?

Perhaps none of this sounds particularly special to you and that is quite all right. The same, small things I do each morning are sacred to me and me alone. My mornings are simple and quiet, and to find happiness in such small things, all before 7am, is a beautiful thing indeed.

*correction to the linked article: I no longer actively monitor the #mymonthofsundays Instagram tag though still heartily encourage all to "reclaim your Sundays, slow them down & fill them with joy". - ka


A Slow Start


The light is soft and kind today, and I can feel it gently waking me up, shaking me from a long held stupor. The harsh light of summer throws the most violent shadows to which I am wholly susceptible - a kind of inverse seasonal affective disorder - and so my mind and its errant thoughts have been neatly boxed up and placed on the highest shelf to keep it safe from the darkness.

But this light and this day? This autumn-is-almost-here, cloudy-days-ahead, cool-and-calm-and-quiet kind of light? This not-for-another-four-years, anything-can-happen-if-you-let-it, gift-to-be-treasured kind of a day? Together they have me reaching for the the step stool and wiping away the dust accumulated over a long, hot season. It is a slow start but a start all the same and I am ready for it. Thoughts are ready to see the light of day again, words are ready to find the page again.

I am ready to open the box.

I am ready to be awake.


For a Sunday: Once Was Lost

Sunday Picnic |

You pick the cheese, I will bring the wine and we'll find somewhere quiet to spread out the throw, perhaps under a tree with dappled sunshine and birdsong to while away the afternoon. Your head inevitably finds my knee to rest upon and my fingers find the curls of your hair and there we will sit: one eye on the sky, one eye on our dreams.

As the sun dips and our little talks soften to a whisper the time comes to leave and so the basket is packed once again, though rather more lightly than before. In the twilight I watch the shadows of leaves fluttering back to the ground as you shake the throw-turned-picnic blanket before pulling it around my shoulders as a shawl to fend off the descending cool of dusk.

Maybe we will come back next week. Maybe we won't. It will look as though no one was ever there but every time we drive by we will say "Do you remember the lovely picnic we had?" and we will smile at our shared memory of a Sunday well spent.


Andy & Laura, the husband and wife team behind Once Was Lost, have a shared love of beautifully handmade products and an appreciation for enjoying the simple things in life while also being committed to empowering and supporting the communities where their products are made. The result is a beautifully and ethically curated online collection of items for the socially responsible consumer.

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Happy Sundaying, my dears!

Once Was Lost |

Reclaim your Sundays,
slow them down,
fill them with joy
and share them with us.