Bean & Grain

Do you breakfast or do you brunch?

My favourite time to dine out is in the morning hours while most people are doing this weird thing called "sleeping in". I've never been able to master that skill. Give me an early start and an afternoon nap any day. I usually label a morning meal out as brunch, but can it be classified as brunch if you are seated, coffee in hand, by 8.15am? Surely that's breakfast territory. The golden rule, I think, lies within the golden arches. If it is before 10am, it's breakfast. If it's after 10am then anything goes, except mcmuffins of course.

All of this is to say, we had a lovely breakfast at the new Dickson location of Bean & Grain last weekend. The coffees are rich and smooth, the eggs are perfectly poached and the new fit out is light, cool and a much needed breath of fresh air in this little pocket of Dickson. Oh, and don't forget to peruse the selection of breads, bagels, pastries and cakes for a sneaky little morning tea treat to take home. The cinnamon scrolls are delicious...or so I'm told ;)

By the way, if you work or study at the Australian National University and have been lamenting the loss of the friendly barista at The Coffee Grounds (previously The Purple Pickle), you will be as overjoyed as my breakfast date was to discover Matt's friendly face over at Bean & Grain. Hurray!

Bean & Grain: Website / Facebook / Twitter
Location: Dickson Shops, Dickson Place, Canberra 2602
Opening hours: Daily, 7am - late afternoon

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