A new year, a new start. Not a clean slate exactly, more like a chalkboard dusted clean but in the right light, if you tilt your head just so, you can still see what has been written before. I don't like to set resolutions and rarely jot down goals. These are just a few pieces of advice for myself in 2015, here is hoping I heed them well:

  • Write. Whenever you can. About anything and everything and nothing. Write as though the the words have coursed through your veins, spilled straight from your heart and through your fingertips to fill the pages with equal parts blood and ink.
  • Love and let love in. Don't push it away or sweep it under a rug or take it for granted. Work at it. Hard. Revel in it, swim in it but remember to keep your eye on the shore. Be thankful for it and generous with it. Always guard it well. "Kiss with a mouthful of shooting stars."
  • Recognise your body for the miraculous gift that it is. Bend and break, bleed and breathe. It will take you wherever you need to go, it is your constant companion. Nourish it, care for it, accept it. Ditto for your mind.
  • Be present. If someone is generously giving you their time, be there in that moment with them. Accept their gift with grace because it is precious. Look them in the eye, really listen to what they are saying. Say the words you want to say and stop regretting the words you don't. Do not allow your own time be stolen or wasted.
  • Consume less and mindfully so. No, you do not need it because it is on sale. No, you do not need it because everyone else has it. Buy only what you need, take care of what you have and donate everything else to those who need it more.
  • Read more. Absorb each and every syllable. Get lost in the words of others. Let them teach you, comfort you, make you laugh and cry.
  • Plant a garden. In the ground. Watch it, tend to it, bloom and grow with it. You won't be able to take it with you but what a wonderful gift you are giving to the next caretakers, whoever they may be.
  • Be yourself, but less afraid.

Start now.