Arafel Park

Waking up here was something special.

Waking up here before everyone else, just me and the birdsong, tiptoeing through this beautiful house and into the kitchen to boil the kettle then slipping back under the covers to enjoy a cup of tea, the quiet and to watch the soft morning light streaming through the window above my bed, was utter perfection.

A home away from home in the Southern Highlands of NSW, only this was like no home I have ever known. We pottered in the kitchen and gathered for family dinners, each woman with her own task and all working side by side. We wandered around the garden, through leaf covered archways and petal strewn pathways; and enjoyed picnics of cheese and rosé at sunset. By the fireside we sat with knitting needles and books, the room filled with soft conversation and the crackle of a warming fire on a cool spring evening. After dinner there may or may not been a rather energetic dance party in the living room...

I have never really been one for "girls weekends" as such but this trip may have changed my mind. I don't think I have ever laughed so much in all my life.

Arafel Park

Arafel Park
Bowral, Southern Highlands
NSW Australia