A Walk in the Sun

My mind is foggy today and I'm struggling to find words. It is grey and cool and no amount of tea seems to be able to thaw the chill gnawing at my bones. I'm in need of a little warmth, both inside and out, so let's cast back to a brighter day, shall we? We'll shrug on our coats and go for a walk in the beautiful autumn sunshine.

Goodness, how very thankful I am for the small pockets of beauty and quiet found within this city of ours, if you know where to look (and I do). They are the perfect escape, for just a few moments or even an hour or two, and such a treat for the senses. An oasis for someone who likes to wander as I do, for the sake of simply wandering.

There is the swish swish swish as you make your way across the grass, footsteps falling a little quicker than they really ought to be. There is no rush, remember? Relax and slow it down a little. Then comes the crunch and the scrape of gravel underfoot as we reach the path. You pause for a moment but there are footsteps still. Curious little shadows, some more curious than others, with greetings in the form of a throaty quack from the ducks and the odd squeak from the swamp hens. Always so cordial, those fine feathered fowl, as they waddle on by before splashing into the water.

The path turns away from the pond and back through the trees, ablaze with autumn colour. The sparrows and wrens hop about among the fallen leaves, fossicking for treasure and happily making a mess that needn't be tidied. More leaves above, rustling on their branches in the breeze and gently falling all around us. Is that not the most wonderful feeling? The fluttering and the falling, like worries from your shoulders.

Look here, I've found a bench. Would you like to sit with me for a moment? Pull out a book to read if you wish or maybe we could just sit quietly together, eyes closed, the warm sun on our backs, the sound of the gentle breeze whispering through the trees, with no where else to be except right here.