Food: The Great Connector

I moved to Canberra in late 2011. 2011 through 2012 I made a grand total of zero friends. In 2013 I changed jobs and met a wonderful woman with a mutual love of iced doughnuts who quickly became a dear friend. We're now midway through 2014 and current Canberra friend total is two (second friend may love tea even more than I do). At this rate I'll be able to fill all the chairs at my dining table by 2018. I'll get started on the invitations now, shall I?

All of this is to say - making friends is hard. Making friends in Canberra is really hard. And making friends in Canberra while struggling with self-confidence issues is capital H.A.R.D. But you know what helps? Food.

You might know that I am currently participating in a tourism campaign for Visit Canberra which involves eating lovely food, drinking lovely wine, writing about said food and wine and...meeting new people. Gulp! The lead up to each event has been fraught with anxiety but I have walked away for each one glad that I pushed myself to join in.

So what have I been up to?

Do visit Canberra for the amazing wine we produce, the delectable food we make, the perfect cups of coffee we serve and the world class museums and galleries on our doorstep. Just be sure to stick around long enough to meet some of the lovely, talented people who call this place 'home'.