Human Brochure - Chapter Two

"To share is human."

These words, from Visit Canberra Director Ian Hill, were heard last night by 101 Canberra "humans" who have been chosen as Canberra's next chapter of the Human Brochure. But what on earth is a human brochure? "It is the worlds first living, breathing travel brochure created by real humans!"

The first human brochure consisted of 500 humans from all over Australia who were invited to come and experience first hand all that Canberra has to offer. They tweeted, instagrammed, facebooked and blogged about their adventures here in the capital and wove a beautiful tapestry of words and photos showcasing our amazing city.

This time around the Visit Canberra team have looked to their own backyard and chosen 101 local humans who are passionate about this city and keen to show it off to the rest of the world. The welcome evening was held at Nishi Gallery, a spectacular space in New Acton currently featuring Luke Chiswell's Straight Face exhibition. We lucky humans were treated to bubbles and delectable canapés, my favourite of which was cumin dusted labne on rye with dried rose petals and dukkah. A cocktail was even created especially by HotelHotel for the after party. The Fog at Hive 6 is hive 6 burnt honey, 666 Tasmanian butter vodka, two year old aged rum and lime juice with Persian fairy floss on top. Um, yes please.

Why are we doing this? Because Canberra gets a bad rap.
— Ian Hill, Director, Visit Canberra

It's true. If you listen to Australian political reporting you will often hear the word Canberra being substituted for the government, the opposition, parliament etc and if it is making the news the story is usually a negative one. Canberra is so much more than just a meeting place for elected officials to shout at each other and make unpopular decisions and I hope you'll follow along as I tell the story of "my Canberra" as part of the Human Brochure campaign. There are some great events taking place over the next few months and I can't wait to share my experiences.

All images generously provided by Visit Canberra.