For a Sunday: Robert Gordon Australia

Sunday. Such a day of possibility. A cup of tea with the sunrise, pancakes and open windows, drives in the country, afternoon naps and simple dinners prepared together in our too small kitchen. I like to take my Sundays slowly, treading gently and quietly through the day, but maybe you like to Sunday a little differently (yes, I just used Sunday as a verb).

To discover just how different our Sundays really are, I have teamed up with Sara of Me & Orla. Together we have created a new hashtag on Instagram called #mymonthofsundays and we would love for you to join in by sharing your Sunday moments, wherever you are and however you like to spend them.

Each month, we will share some of our favourite captures and, thanks to some wonderfully generous sponsors, one lucky person will win a lovely Sunday-themed prize. I don't want to give too much away but suffice it to say, both Sara and I are more than a little sad we can't be winners!

Due to the overwhelming response we have received so far, we would like to say thank you by offering a second prize for the month of June and Robert Gordon Australia have kindly provided a mixed pair of their iconic Swatch mugs to give away!

When you think about it, a mug is probably the most used item on a Sunday. A coffee, hot and strong, to start the day. Countless cups of tea throughout, varying in temperature and taste, often left in odd places about the house (under the bed, on top of books, among the pot plants). Perhaps a sweetened cocoa as an afternoon treat or a warm spiced milk to drift off to sleep. If an item is to be well used and well loved, there is no reason why it cannot also be beautiful too.

For your chance to win a pair of your very own Swatch mugs, be sure to share your Sunday moments with Sara and I on Instagram by adding the tag #mymonthofsundays. Keep an eye out on the blog for the announcement of the next lucky winner.

Ever forgetful, bare feet on cold grass to collect the newspapers flung into the front yard (I am visiting with my parents, hence the yard and the newspapers). The kettle is boiled and it is coffee with a dash of milk all round, plus one sugar for me, thank you kindly. Sitting out in the garden, soaking up the morning sunshine and a birdsong serenade. Staying in pyjamas for as long as possible until the spell of Sunday morning must eventually be broken but not before stealing back to bed for a few treasured moments of quiet.

And this, dear reader, this where I leave you. This is the fork in our road. This is the beginning of my Sunday. I wonder, what does yours look like?

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