Slow Sundays

Life has become a little too hectic for my liking. Each weekend fills up with tasks and lists and chores that never seem to end so I am holding up a white flag, calling time out and introducing Slow Sundays.

If it doesn't get done on Saturday and isn't going to bring about the end of days then it can wait until next week. I am taking back my Sundays and instead of racing from pillar to post, garden centre to grocery store, I'm going to slow things right down. Spend more time doing less, stay at home, take meandering drives to no place in particular, carve out meaningful time with my loved ones, read for enjoyment and not to simply tick that book off my list. I find it impossible to sleep in but there is truly nothing finer than tiptoeing off to make coffee only to bring it back to bed and snuggle under the covers for a soft and quiet morning. Instead, all too often I'm often guilty of rushing us out the door for brunch, for shopping, for chores that really can wait. How about we just stay in our pyjamas, put on some music and make pancakes every now and then?

I'm going to start sharing my Sundays and it would be wonderful to hear from you and learn how you inject meaning and mindfulness into your day of rest.