Sweet Repose

Him: away at a conference all week, long days, late nights, no downtime, always "on".

Me: more time spent outside in the last five days than in the whole last month combined.

Both of us: utterly exhausted.

Taking refuge in the silence, in the slow, in the sweet little luxuries like coffee in bed, swapping one set of pyjamas for another, finishing a book then starting another and, oh yes, another cup of tea would be lovely, thank you.

My toes are curled up in woolly socks and the wind rattles the windows, sending grey clouds scuttling across the sky - the perfect kind of day to spend inside. I can't help but wonder at the way sometimes, somehow, life gives you exactly what you need at the exact moment you need it so long as you are willing to accept it. Revel in your own slow Sunday, my dears, however you choose to spend it.