Welcome, Autumn

There is a moment, one that I wait for all year round. It might take place early in the morning, fog clearing and frost twinkling, or it could be late one afternoon when the light is golden and the chill of evening is just around the corner. Walking alone in a park or through the woods, ambling down an empty path and then...it happens. As if by magic, a soft breeze gently shakes the leaves from their branches above and I pause as they rustle and twirl and dance through the air before settling on the ground around me. As the leaves fall, so do my worries. Shoulders ease, eyes become bright and I cannot help but smile. I feel it - autumn - right down to my toes.

A Few of My Favourite {Autumnal} Things

watching the leaves change from green to gold to red to russet
rich and spicy chai lattes to warm you inside and out
waiting all day for the "golden hour"
pumpkin everything
the crunch of a leaf-littered forest floor
picnics featuring flasks of hot soup
flannel shirts and cosy hats
hunting for mushrooms (but not picking them)
collecting pinecones to decorate the home
watching reruns of the perpetually autumnal Gilmore Girls
apple cider (or apple anything really)
lighting candles as the evenings darken
pies and crumbles, warm from the oven and served with ice cream
blankets at the foot of the bed and on the arm of the sofa
permission to slow down.