Welcome, Winter

It is the little things. The getting up early to chase the fog across the valley, camera in one hand, his hand in the other. The laying in late, snuggling down with quiet words, both written and spoken, only rising to refill coffee cups and hot water bottles. The late afternoon strolls in the pale sunlight, flushed cheeks and cold noses, watching my breath float like a cloud in the chill air. Returning to the warmth of home and hearth for nights of red wine and woollen socks and candlelight. And maybe, just maybe, a little bit of magic too...

As though under a spell, the world is transformed each and every morning. Above, a thick blanket of fog, slowly creeping through city streets and over mountainsides. Below, a glistening carpet of frost, half the world bejewelled, as if the stars themselves have come down from the sky to lay upon the earth.

A world gone cold. A world gone quiet. A world made just for me. Welcome, winter.

A Few of My Favourite {Wintry} Things

watching fog slowly roll across the valley
hot chocolate, marshmallows and whipped cream please
raising a cold face to warm sunlight
clementines and blood oranges, fresh and bright
the crunch of boots falling on a snow-covered forest floor
hearty stews bubbling away on the stove
woollen coats and thick scarves
the sweet silence of snowfall
collecting boughs of pine to decorate the home
cosy evenings of favourite films and bowls of popcorn
lighting candles to brighten dark evenings
puddings of fruit, spice and a dash (or two) of something nice
flannel sheets and extra blankets
time for hibernation