A wreath for all seasons: Farewell to winter

hellebore wreath | netherleigh.co

If you are not a terribly fussy person, a wreath is a very simple thing to make. All you need are some pliable vines or thin branches, woven and wound into a circular form with the ends secured any which way you like - string, twine, wire etc. Easy as pie. Actually, no. Easier than pie.

A hand and homemade wreath really is quite lovely as it is but of course I do love a bit of natural embellishment and so: a wreath for all seasons. This wreath (and all the others - wreath making is addictive) will become the blank canvas with which to display the treasures of each season. Not being one for cluttering the home with mindless knick-knacks, to me this is the perfect way to decorate. Minimal (to a point), mindful, seasonal and homemade without being fussy or naff. I am already imagining it draped in the Jasmine that trails over the neighbours fence next week; Christmas bush in December, dried hydrangea in March and evergreens at midwinter. If we didn't mind the sneezing, right now would be the perfect time to weave some wattle into the nooks of the wreath but we do indeed mind the sneezing very much.

What I do have on hand are the last of my sweetly nodding hellebores (Helleborus), once a traditional herbal remedy for melancholy despite being quite the most melancholic flowers I have ever seen. With their moody toned petals and delicately drooping heads, they capture my sentiments on leaving winter behind rather perfectly.

As I nod off to sleep on this last evening before the vernal equinox, I will cast my eyes across the room to see the shadowed hellebores nodding back at me. Winter is over for another year and this seems a fitting way to bid it farewell.

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